• 1 Business philosophy: honesty, promise, change, innovation, science and technology leading, win-win cooperation

    Honesty and commitment: the ethical requirement of an enterprise dealing with internal and external relations. Taishan electric power construction of the country and the society, to customers, commitment to employees, what be the same outside and inside.

    Reform and Innovation: the driving force of the scientific development of enterprises. Taishan electric power construction efforts to change the mode of development, continuous innovation business model, service model, management and control mode and incentive model, and constantly stimulate enterprises to create vitality.

    Leading science and technology: the essential connotation of enterprise core competitiveness. Taishan Electric Power Construction Co., Ltd. adheres to strong scientific and technological progress, pursues technological progress, leads development, serves customers, creates benefits and wins market by leading technology.

    Win-win cooperation: it is the value standard of enterprise management. Taishan electric power construction attaches importance to the interests of the parties concerned, creates value in strategic cooperation and cooperation, and pursues common development and progress in the course of mutual benefit.

  • 2 Enterprise spirit: self-improvement, courage to go beyond

    "Heaven and earth health, gentleman to self-improvement."". Taishan electric power construction keep pace with the times, pioneering and innovative, with a strong sense of professionalism and responsibility, inherit and carry forward the fine tradition of the "five special", with fortitude tenacious character, Yongwangzhiqian spirit, dare to go beyond the self, for the first, to higher standards, higher goals.

  • 3 Development concept: innovation, coordination, green, openness, sharing

    In depth study of the the fifth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee "innovation, coordination, green, open, shared" five development concepts, and from the concept, responsibility, ability and action to implement the four levels. Adhere to the innovation and development as the basis for development of various undertakings, to coordinate development as the fundamental path of sustainable development, green development as the direction of industry layout group, open development as the expansion of global business and international cooperation, share development as the return to shareholders, employees and social responsibility.

  • 4 Core values responsibility: innovation, integrity, win-win

    Responsibility is the foundation of business. Adhere to the management according to law, improve product quality and service level, assume responsibility for society, create benefits for enterprises, seek happiness for employees, and achieve scientific development of enterprises.

    Innovation is the road to development. We will continue to emancipate our minds, change our concepts, realize institutional and institutional innovations, technological innovations, managerial innovations, and personnel innovations, and continuously improve the core competitiveness of enterprises.

    Honesty is the foundation of setting up enterprises. Adhere to the performance, carefully in production and service activities of honest and trustworthy, promises, really statement, establish a good corporate image.

    "Win-win" is the management of the road. Consciously safeguard the interests of the state, society, customers, employees and other stakeholders to achieve mutual benefit, harmonious development and common prosperity.

  • 5 Enterprise mission: building clean energy, creating a green environment, and serving the smart city

    From the view of energy and power facilities, water resources and environment, the basis of the three core business, clean energy, environmental protection, infrastructure construction and city of wisdom and convenient for the target, positive for society to undertake sustainable development, green development leading industry and technology revolution.

  • 6 Enterprise vision: build a first-class power construction enterprises, build Taishan power construction brand

    Committed to building a first-class electrical construction enterprises, shaping a powerful influence and excellent value of the brand. To this end, we adhere to the scale of operation, quality and efficiency of operation and sustainable development goals, to provide the overall solution of innovative engineering construction for customers at home and abroad, in order to offer clean energy, green environment and fine buildings as their responsibility, efforts to promote social sustainable development.

  • 7 Cultural idea

    Taishan electric power construction enterprise idea is the enterprise in the sustainable operation and long-term development process, inherited the fine tradition, to meet the requirements of the times, actively advocated by the leadership of the company staff to form the practice, on behalf of Taishan electric power construction enterprise belief, stimulate the vitality of enterprises, promote enterprise production and management team spirit and behavior, it is ideal philosophy and belief of the Taishan electric power construction, but also guide and influence of Taishan electric power construction to implement the strategy of the pursuit of the soul.